Design Trends – Nikole Adams

Design Trends – Nikole Adams

Nikole Adams came on board as Designer at Brickhaus Partners early this year. She had 6 years of diverse experience in the field after earning a BA in Interior Design from Southwest Florida College in Naples. Many clients have lauded her expertise in helping them with the myriad decisions that must be made when customizing a new home.  She explains the process.

Nikole meets with home owners post purchase.  During her orientation with them, she goes over the floor plan, budget and schedule, which allows 5 to 7 weeks for design selections to be made. She directs them to vendor showrooms: Cleveland Lighting for all light fixtures, Snow Brothers for appliances, Sims Lohman for cabinetry and Welker McKee for plumbing fixtures.  “Of course, if asked, I will assist,” she says.  She works with the vendors to ensure the correct items are in stock, that orders are approved and will be delivered on time.

Next, clients come to the in-house showroom at the Brickhaus offices on Emery Road to make further choices.  There, they can select from a vast array of quartz and granite for countertops from the Eternia Collection; carpeting and hardwood from Shaw; floor and wall tiles, grout, as well as light switches and sundry other hardware. Once the installation is complete, Nikole does a walk-through of the home with the clients and the construction superintendent.  A week later, another site visit is made with the electrician.  From that point on, clients work with the construction manager.

Nikole talks about design trends, both the up-and-coming and those that are passé. “Oversized furniture is out,” she emphasizes.  “Low, curved, more organic shapes are in.” According to her, the black, gray and white palette is also done, in favor of caramels, browns and beige.  She says that this year saw a revival in tropical and animal prints and the use of emerald green in furnishings.  “Navy blue is a hot new color for 2018, as are tribal patterns,” she adds.  An upswing in the use of woods and stone is in keeping with the broad and growing affinity for the organic, and the gravitation towards bringing the outside in. “People are creating cozy little spaces or reading nooks in their homes.”

In terms of kitchens and baths, granite is less popular than quartz, which is more durable (and more expensive), but offers a greater variety of interesting marbled patterns and veining. “Two-toned cabinets are still in as long as they are similar in hue, for example, light and dark brown as opposed to black and white.” The subway tile craze is over, says Nikole.  The trend for walls and backsplashes has shifted to geometrical or 3-D patterns, like octagonal or chevron herringbone motifs.  “Mixing metals is very popular. The combination of brass, bronze and chrome is seen a good bit,” says Nikole. “Brushed nickel is now being replaced with those metals or with matte black fixtures.”  Metallic furnishings are utilized as accents pieces.

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